November 15, 2021

Be Smart & Aware

The smartest thing you can do is to be in tune with your mental health. The pandemic has placed so much pressure on our well-being that you can sometimes forget to put ourselves first. With this increased strain, many jobs require not only more time, as evidenced by the long hours we are expected to work, but also more mental capacity. But how is that managed during a global pandemic?   

Many people are suffering from mental stress because of a heavier task and limited time. With layoffs and more work, with less staff, are you keeping pace? When you hit that wall of tiredness, you must pause and put yourself first, no matter how difficult it is. If you don’t, your job will suffer as a result, so take a break and concentrate on yourself.  

“Burnout” is more than just fatigue and the struggle to meet the ever-increasing demands of the office, or remote work. It is a kind of mental fatigue that facilitates our ability to focus and distribute the energy we need not only to work, but to meet our individual needs. If you are in the Information Technology field, you may have been called on to fulfill ever increasing demands. Or if you are marketing or sales, you may have ever-increasing targets for success.  

The epidemic has taught us that nothing is certain. Life changes and the carpet comes under our feet, even if we think it is safe. Stay focused and aware. Put yourself first and take care of yourself my friends. 



Self care isn't selfish!


You may not have time for an all-inclusive vacation or all of life's comforts, but that doesn't mean you can't prioritize your health. Do not let stress take hold, remember you can't pour water from an empty cup. Keep connected and take care of yourself first my friend.