Sitting at your desk all day battling user tickets can be a real drain on your HP (Health Points). Fellow tech warriors, there’s a simple yet powerful weapon in your arsenal: walking!

How To Add More Steps To Your Daily Health

Here’s how to incorporate more steps into your daily grind and become a more well-rounded IT hero:

  • Schedule Reboot Breaks: Set those pesky system monitor alerts to remind you to take a 5-10 minute walk every hour or two. Clear your browser cache (mind), stretch your RAM (legs), and boost your processing power (energy).

  • Walk and Talk Meetings: Ditch the conference room and suggest “Walk and Talk” meetings for one-on-ones or brainstorming sessions. It’s a win-win – you get productive while racking up steps and avoiding the dreaded “meeting chair coma.”

  • Lunchtime Logout: Dedicate at least half your lunch break to a power walk. It’ll help you reach your weekly activity quota and refresh your system for the afternoon grind. Think of it as defragging your mental drive.

  • Park Further Out: This is so practical! Ditch the prime parking spot and choose a location on the network’s edge (far end of the lot). This adds extra steps to your commute, serving as a warm-up and cool-down for your workday. Bonus points for practicing parallel parking skills – you never know when you’ll need to rescue a rogue printer!

  • Invest in a Standing Desk (Optional Upgrade): While not directly related to walking, a standing desk can help you avoid that “server rack posture.” Alternating between sitting and standing keeps you active and makes it easier to sneak in those walking breaks. If a full standing desk isn’t in the budget, consider a monitor riser – it’s a simple way to elevate your workstation for periodic standing.

Moss from IT Crowd

Creating Healthy Activity Habits

Remember, consistency is key! Start with small changes and gradually increase your activity level. By incorporating these walking tips, you’ll not only level up your health bar but also improve your mood, focus, and overall job satisfaction. Who knows, you might even unlock the legendary “tech support zen” achievement.

P.S. Just remember, unlike that time Moss tried to hot swap a RAM module while the server was live, don’t attempt to troubleshoot a user issue mid-walk. Safety first, people!