September 1, 2021

My Top Basic Ergonomic Cubicle Accessories

Ergonomic MouseIf you are looking for some ergonomic items, these have worked well for me. Some are simple and basic, but they have all helped. Here are some of my top 10 ergonomic accessories. 




Note: You can purchase a similar model of this chair from Staples


As for monitors, both of these are good. I currently use the ASUS model, however I’ve purchased this ViewSonic numerous times in other work environments. 

Standing Desk – Two Types 

Standing desks are a perfect way to deal with inactivity. I found that standing helps with circulation and overall movement. Click here, to view the model I currently use.   

If you are looking for something larger you can try this model, which is similar to one a colleague of mine recently purchased. Click here. 

Anti Blue Light Screen Protector 

I’ve suggested the anti-blue light screen for a colleague of mine in Accounting. No complaints so far. 



ergonomic office


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